The Nightmare


The Nightmare is a first person horror platformer made in a period of 3 months using Unreal Engine 3 by a team of 20 students. I was responsible for the initial concept and the creative direction of the project as a whole. I had an additional role as a level designer.


Level Design:

  • Kismet scripting for gameplay events
  • Matinee camera control for cutscenes
  • Materials with Dynamic lighting using Unreal Light Functions
  • Boss fights
  • Sound cues and dialogue
  • Character Animation (also through Matinee and Kismet)
  • Camera effects
  • Lighting
  • Asset integration
  • World design
  • Platforming puzzles

Link to the Facebook page.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All art seen above made by Sven Lobnig and Dion Janischka


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