A* algorithm demonstration

Embedded above is a video demonstrating the features of pathfinding and terrain analysis I implemented. These include:

1) A * pathfinding
2) Djikstras algorithm pathfinding
3) Catmull-Rom splines for path smoothing
3) Pathfinding with different heuristics (Euclidean, Chebyshev, Octile, Manhattan)
4) Terrain Analysis (Cover, Visibility, Visible to Player)
5) Pathfinding with Fog of War
6) Pathfinding with influence map of terrain analysis

The framework for control of the character (State Machine Language) is owned by Steve Rabin, the character in the video (Tiny) and all other assets belong to Microsoft.

Additionally the project itself is property of the Digipen® corporation.
DigiPen® is a registered trademark of DigiPen (USA) Corp.
Copyright © 2016 DigiPen (USA) Corp. and its owners. All Rights Reserved.

Cover image for this post taken from here:



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