The Village


The videos above demonstrate some of the things I implemented during my time working on ‘The Village’, a third person exploration-adventure game made using Unreal Engine 4.


  1. Level Design:
    a. Creation of base heightmaps in 3DS Max and terrain sculpting using the Landscape editor
    b. Asset integration and placement
    c. Cutscenes and cinematics
    d. Ambient sounds
  2. Technical Art:
    a. Sculpting and UV mapping of all assets seen in the video using  zBrush/Blender/3DS Max, texturing using Photoshop with Quixel Suite, and xNormal for baking normals, was the sole artist on the team
    b. Made particles for various effects ranging from dust, water, footsteps, interaction feedback effects, creature and flora particles, trails etc.
    c. Created all materials and material effects seen in the video.
    d. Implemented various post processing effects incorporating both inbuilt tools like the Exponential height fog, Reflection Captures, Post Process Volume settings as well as custom effects like Distance fog, Ground fog, outline effect etc.
    e. Setup the lighting, this game relies on primarily static lighting using Lightmass with a few Dynamic lights here and there
    f. Created all character/creature animations
    g. Made the Cloth and Fluid simulation assets in external tools (APEX cloth and Blender)
  3. Gameplay Programming:
    a. Scripting for interaction with objects, NPCs and creatures
    b. Quests and puzzles
    c. Jellyfish movement AI
    d. Animation state machine programming
    e. Player movement system
    f. Camera programming


  1. Christopher Blake – Sound Designer
  2. Egemen Koku – AI Programmer
  3. Nicholas Esclapon – Game Designer
  4. Mariojulio Zaldivar – Producer/Gameplay Programmer
  5. Sai Narayan – Producer/Level Design/ Gameplay Programmer/ Technical Art


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